State of Clear

Achieving the state of Clear is the most important thing that has happened in my life. Not only because I was relieved of my past unwanted emotions that were affecting my life and making it difficult to be happy, but also because I opened a new door of happiness. I’m now able to help others a great deal more as I can understand them in a way that was not possible before. Abilities that I did not know I had became evident and as a result I could experience and give greater happiness to others. My dreams and goals are alive and I have certainty that they will happen. My strength and persistence as an individual have been unblocked.

State of Clear

Do I feel wonderful! Having recently achieved the state of Clear, everything around me is so calm and my awareness of the environment and life itself has expanded tremendously. I am now able to view life’s problems analytically and come up with sound, rational decisions for each and every one of them. My energy level has increased tenfold and I tackle life with an enthusiasm I never had before. Being Clear has enabled me to begin accomplishing all of those things I wanted in life.

State of Clear

I have just achieved the state of Clear! It is nothing short of miraculous to be rid of one’s reactive mind and to have the accompanying freedom, happiness and new-found abilities that I know are lasting. When I first read the Dianetics book and learned for the first time the truth about the mechanics of the mind and how it all works, I wanted to go Clear. It is an incredible relief to finally understand myself and to know with certainty the cause of man’s aberrations, his downfalls, his sorrows and that these can be eradicated to make way for a new life of competence and happiness. The day-to-day problems and obstacles in life no longer pin me down in unwanted conditions. I am able to set and reach any goals that I create and positively affect my relationships with others and family.

Since achieving the state of Clear, I notice that my family and friends are doing far better as well, and I am much more capable of helping them. The doors to my future have blown wide open with potential and possibilities.

State of Clear

It is nearly beyond my power of expression to describe the state of Clear – this crystal, shining, effortless state. It is the most basic and the most noble part of me. It is all that I knew I ever was, absolutely unadulterated by past failure, social machinery or false identity. I have the complete freedom of basic personality. Man has perhaps glimpsed this state when witnessing individual acts of mercy, kindness, creativity, courage, truth or any other attribute we commonly personify through art. It isn’t a temporary condition or something that will pass, like the happiness we feel during some great moment in our lives. It is lasting and permanent. This is the beginning of something new and great for me and a brand new vista for mankind as well.
State of Clear

The big question for me was why was I not succeeding in life – why was living so difficult, painful and full of heavy effort? I read the book Dianetics and adopted the goal of becoming Clear. I worked toward this goal and experienced my first big lesson – life was really worth living and change was possible. Through auditing, my goal was achieved and I went Clear. I couldn’t adequately describe the enormous change that occurred. I am no longer in the chaos of confusion that prevails around me but I stand now in the center of the whirlwind of living. I am calm, confident and understand myself for the first time – it is the greatest experience in my life – I am free. Life is wonderful as a Clear.

State of Clear

Before going Clear I was dissatisfied with life, I felt trapped in some way. I was on a treadmill, and there didn’t seem to be any way to get off of it. Going Clear really opened the door to my life and my abilities. I now see a strong, vibrant future and a way to achieve my goals. It’s hard to imagine how I lived at all before I went Clear. My whole concept of what living means has changed and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

State of Clear

It’s been many years since I went Clear but the feeling of vitality has never faded. Being Clear, I am able to see things as they are, rather than viewing them through my own reactivity. I notice that though other people might get very upset or frustrated about problems and troubles, I can just view the actual situation and decide on the best solution to handle it rather than automatically REACTING or losing my temper and saying something I would later regret. With my marriage, being Clear has had a tremendous effect. I feel that communication is the basis of a good marriage. Because I am Clear my ability to communicate is very good and I have a very happy marriage. I have been able to enter a newly chosen career full speed ahead, without veering off onto any side roads or worrying if it was all going to work. It’s very easy to do things because I’m definite in my decisions. I know what I can achieve. Achieving the state of Clear released me from the barriers of life and left me with a definite sense of freedom.

State of Clear

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