Dianetics and Scientology Auditing

I was wearing glasses when I went for my first Dianetics session. I had been wearing them for six years and my vision was steadily deteriorating. During the session I discovered why I had started wearing glasses. All of a sudden I felt a tremendous surge of inner strength and certainty. I took my glasses off and I felt terrific. Things looked really clear. That was over twenty years ago and I haven’t worn glasses since. Today my vision is almost perfect. Dianetics really works.

Dianetics Auditing

I was very ill for months in the hospital. I was under intensive care for weeks with a bleeding ulcer infection and kidney failure. My heart stopped three times. I was unconscious for over a week, and I did not want to live. The doctors were going to give up on me and stop the treatment. The nurses did not expect me to survive. My wife had a very hard time with it and she couldn’t even call to see how I was doing; she had to have someone else call for her. She then received some Dianetics auditing and came to grips with it, at which point she was able to come into my room in the hospital and give me some auditing. She came in every day. I soon started becoming more aware of my environment and had a determinism to survive. It made life bright enough to live. I am now recovered and would not have lived if it weren’t for the technology of L. Ron Hubbard that helped us get through it.

Dianetics Auditing

Three years ago I had an automobile accident. One of the results was a partial paralysis of my left arm. This was devastating because I’m a guitarist. After a single Dianetics auditing session I regained some use of my left hand that three years of hard work had not accomplished. I am awaiting further sessions with open arms! It’s a miracle!

Dianetics Auditing

I used to have epilepsy. Through Dianetics auditing, I discovered that the convulsions which traumatized my life for more than 16 years stemmed from a series of electric shocks that my mother underwent when she was pregnant with me. During the 16 years I suffered attacks of excruciating blinding and stabbing pains through my eyes and head. My body would go rigid and my throat, mouth and arms would go numb. Then I would throw up every twenty minutes for eight hours before the pain would subside. These attacks occurred from the ages of 11 to 27 years – until I had Dianetics auditing. These attacks vanished after Dianetics auditing at the age of 27. Today, ten years later, I have helped hundreds of people achieve similar results with Dianetics auditing.

Dianetics Auditing

Over 2 years ago I had a severe accident where I smashed both ankles. The bones were in 15 pieces and the surgeon was not positive he could even put them all back together. He said I would never run and may not ever walk. It took all sorts of screws, pins, wire and steel plates just to hold all the pieces together while they healed. I got daily auditing starting the day after the accident, which not only greatly eased excruciating pain both mentally and physically but also produced miracles. My doctors were amazed as they could not believe my speedy recovery. I was walking within months and now I dance, run and play sports which my doctors doubted would ever be possible. There is absolutely no way this would have occurred without L. Ron Hubbard’s technology.

Dianetics Auditing

Several years ago I got a spasm back pain that kept me immobile and in agony constantly. I’d had these before and the only solution from the doctor was to prescribe muscle relaxers and painkillers. Although these ended the pain, they dulled my judgment and I would make poor decisions even though I “felt good” or at least “felt no pain.”

Some of my judgments gravely affected my life. The doctor prescribed more pills but I decided to ride it out. I’d rather have pain and some wits about me than to feel nothing and be stupid. After three days and nights of screaming pain and convulsions I was ready to crawl to the store for my drugs. I even threatened someone with harm if they didn’t get my drugs right now while I was flat on my back and couldn’t move. But my husband brought me to an auditor instead. The pain of crawling into the chair was the last I had to suffer. Three hours later I walked out, felt wonderful and was anxious to get on with life and work.

Dianetics Auditing

In the fall of 1990 I developed a physical condition which I had never encountered before. Over three months I visited several doctors to try to determine what it was and to find out how to cure it. Finally after seeing a specialist it was diagnosed as a chronic vascular disease that there was no cure for. I was told by this specialist that I would probably have it for the rest of my life. This news was very upsetting to me. I was 28 years old at the time. Then I got some auditing. After less than one hour I felt much better. Not only that, the physical condition stopped spreading. Within a week of daily auditing, all physical evidence of the condition was gone. It is 11/2 years later and the disease has not returned.

Dianetics Auditing

In this session, a series of incidents from my childhood that were causing me a tremendous amount of guilt and heartache was completely relieved. This was unconfrontable before. In fact, I’d never been able to talk about it, not in 27 years. My auditor had me return to the moment it happened and go over the incident several times. I was wide awake and fully alert throughout. As we began, I felt again the same fear and frustration I felt in the incident, but as we continued, the bad feeling was completely discharged and I began to feel much better. By the end of my Dianetics session I was totally free of any effects from this nightmare that had been ruining my life. It’s a real miracle – I feel like a 200-pound weight is off my shoulders! As a Doctor of Dentistry, I’d wholeheartedly recommend Dianetics auditing to anyone. I see now that when you get rid of the upsets, guilt, anger, etc., your whole life changes for the better.

Dianetics Auditing

New Era Dianetics auditing is absolutely incredible. I never realized really what an engram could do and how solidly fixed they were in one’s mind or how insidiously they aberrate you. Then I had a session of New Era Dianetics and I was utterly amazed at what happened. This particular engram was quite severe and I was a little more than nervous to go through it, but with the help of my auditor, I made it through. We ran it several times, each time picking up more of the engram that was hidden beneath unconsciousness and pain. After we had run all the emotional pain out of this engram, I had an incredible realization about my life and why I had been unconsciously behaving in certain ways. That unwanted aspect of myself is gone now, never to return. I couldn’t stop smiling for days after that! It was incredible, I felt as if I were floating when I walked. I had never felt so good, and this was just one engram.
Dianetics Auditing

New Era Dianetics auditing has completely changed my life. Things that seemed unresolvable resolved in the first 4 to 5 hours. Until I experienced it for myself, the reactive mind was not really tangible to me; but let me tell you, when you get in session with an auditor trained on New Era Dianetics and an E-Meter you instantly find and resolve those things that have been haunting you for years. I would never have believed it if someone had told me what had been underlying all my fears and anxieties. Each session ended with me finding out something about myself that I didn’t know before and with a new feeling of freedom. I can’t say enough about New Era Dianetics auditing – there is no aberration that can hide from its incredible ability to dig out of the reactive mind that which keeps you pinned down in life.

Dianetics Auditing

Before I got Expanded Dianetics auditing, I had problems and conflicts with those I worked with and was in trouble all the time. Expanded Dianetics is very powerful and thorough. I found the very source of my problems with other people and blew this away! It became a pleasure to work with others. I discovered why there were certain locations – cities and even whole countries – I hated or feared. This was fully resolved (prior to my auditing I disliked the city I was in so much that I stayed inside all the time and would only venture out when forced to). Turmoil and strife disappeared and it was possible for other people to live happily with me for the first time!

Dianetics Auditing

Every two weeks I used to get a migraine headache which literally did not allow me to get up from bed. This was ruining everything I wanted to do in life. Then I received New Era Dianetics auditing and in the three-hour session I eradicated the source of the migraines. Today, a year and a half later, I’ve not had another headache. I’m living a new life.

Dianetics Auditing

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