The State of Clear

The goals of Scientology predate all current ideas of "therapy" and are first found in religion and philosophy as long as 10,000 years ago. A Scientologist is trying to make people better and that is a new idea in the field of the human mind.

Clearing someone is erasing his reactive mind. All the misery man experiences is contained in the reactive mind.

There is a definite road out from reactivity, from aberration, from identifying everything with everything else. It leads to increased abilities, increased general performance and other exceptional gains that can be precisely measured and experienced. This road out has certain milestones which must be passed, and these are represented in the Expanded Grades and New Era Dianetics auditing.

The product of traveling the road that runs past these milestones is the erasure of reactivity. When this occurs the person achieves the state of Clear. It is not possible to attain this upper state by ignoring the lower grades.

A Clear is a person who no longer has his own reactive mind. He has vanquished it forever. Without the stimulus-response mechanisms of the reactive mind which can cause a person pain, unwanted sensations and negative emotions, a Clear can act rather than react. A Clear has a very high degree of personal integrity and honesty, and is living proof that man is basically good. His own basic beingness returns and his own basic personality flourishes. A person loses all the fears, anxieties and irrational thoughts that were held down by pain in the reactive mind and, in short, regains himself when he goes Clear. A person is much, much more himself without a reactive mind.

Until a person is cleared, no matter how able he becomes by virtue of earlier auditing, it is inevitable, just by the nature of the universe, that he will sooner or later sink back into the reactive mind. That is why clearing is vital. Clear is total erasure of the reactive mind and thus is a stable state, not subject to relapse.

When a person attains the state of Clear
he is entitled to wear the Clear bracelet.

Each preclear is different and the type and amount of auditing necessary to erase the reactive mind is unique to each person. The state is therefore reached at either of two different places in a person’s auditing. The first place is on New Era Dianetics. If a person does not achieve Clear on NED, he continues with further actions and attains it on the Clearing Course, a later service with a special auditing procedure. Other grades or auditing services do not result in Clear.

The state of Clear has never existed before. No matter how able a being may have been, no matter what powers he possessed, no matter his strengths, the reactive mind was still there, hidden, and eventually dragged him down again.

The full glory of the state of Clear has no comparable description in any literature existing in the culture, religious or otherwise. The state has been long sought but was impossible to achieve until the researches and breakthroughs of L. Ron Hubbard.

But the state does exist and it is attainable and many thousands of Scientologists all over the world are Clear, joined by more each day.

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