Expanded Dianetics

This is a branch of Dianetics which uses New Era Dianetics® spiritual technology in special ways for specific purposes. Some persons require Dianetics technology specially adapted to their individual requirements and this is delivered on Expanded Dianetics. While New Era Dianetics is very general in application, Expanded Dianetics is specifically tailored to the preclear’s needs. It is not the same as New Era Dianetics and requires special training and advanced skills.

A vital tool in Expanded Dianetics is the Oxford Capacity AnalysisTM test. An important use of this profile is to improve specific personality traits with different Expanded Dianetics procedures. The OCATM test helps locate deep-seated pockets of aberration which can then be addressed and erased with these precise auditing techniques.

Some preclears have particularly heavy histories of drug taking. Others have been victimized by injurious psychiatric treatments or have unresolving psychosomatic complaints. People such as these benefit from the specially adapted technology contained in Expanded Dianetics, which consists of more than a dozen different auditing rundowns designed to address and handle such things as:

Expanded Dianetics auditing resolves the more difficult aberrations found in the reactive mind. Not every preclear requires Expanded Dianetics but it often brings a spectacular improvement in those receiving it.

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