New Era Dianetics Auditing


New Era Dianetics auditing consists of over a dozen specific rundowns (a series of auditing steps designed to handle a specific aspect of a case) and actions which address the engrams contained in the reactive mind. Among these are actions which:

These New Era Dianetics rundowns and actions are aimed at making a well and happy preclear. It can take approximately eight intensives of auditing to accomplish this, but the gains are tremendous—New Era Dianetics auditing can result in attainment of the state of Clear.

A person able in an area can produce, perform, function and control activity in that area. An able acrobat, for example, performs stunts adroitly. An able chef prepares delicious food. But a person who has attained the abilities from the Scientology Expanded Grades is now able in living itself. As such he is more in control, brighter, and enjoys more personal power.

He is also now in a position to rid himself of his reactive mind and its contents. This accomplishment is not possible if a person is too distracted by his environment or cannot overcome the barriers to living the Expanded Grades handle.

Initially, by using the techniques contained in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, engrams could be contacted and erased, resulting in more gains than were ever before available. The techniques invariably worked, but L. Ron Hubbard continued to research, seeking technology that offered faster and easier-to-attain results.

Refinements, such as the development of the E-Meter pastoral device, made auditing swifter and more precise, as did development of the Scientology Expanded Grades. Building on the Dianetics basic principles, Mr. Hubbard undertook further researches and developed more advanced Dianetics techniques. That these later refinements were built on the original Dianetics axioms and procedures as initially released by him, is a great testimony to the accuracy of his original theories.

To give one an idea of just how effective Mr. Hubbard’s new techniques were, consider this: Preclears who might have needed over 2,000 hours of auditing to achieve the highest results obtainable from 1950 technology might now achieve comparable gains in a tenth of that time with modern Dianetics and Scientology auditing.

New Era Dianetics (NED®) technology contains L. Ron Hubbard’s ultimate refinements of Dianetics auditing. He developed it following discoveries he made in 1978. Using New Era Dianetics technology, preclears can achieve the goals of Dianetics much, much faster than any early Dianeticist might have believed possible.

The reactive mind plagues a person with the unthinking, irrational dictates of its contents and imposes anxieties, fears, unwanted sensations and feelings, strange pains and a host of other undesirable effects. Freeing him from the command value such ills exert over his volition, provides new levels of self-determinism.

A person may have suffered the emotional upheaval of losing a loved one. NED auditing addresses these losses and, while it won’t replace the affections held for the departed, it can free one from the spiritual trauma of the loss.

Many people are held back by what they consider their flaws or disabilities. NED techniques can erase the sources of these feelings and brighten a person’s outlook and feelings about himself remarkably.

New Era Dianetics auditing consists of at least eleven specific rundowns (a series of auditing steps designed to handle a specific aspect of a case) and actions which address the engrams contained in the reactive mind. The different psychosomatic pains, sensations, emotions, feelings and so forth are used to trace back engrams in the reactive mind. Utilizing Dianetics auditing procedure, the preclear erases his engrams and nullifies their harmful energy.

The procedures of New Era Dianetics are precise. Completion of New Era Dianetics can make a well and happy human being with renewed health and his innate sanity recovered.

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